Our Doctors

doc1Dr. Jason Toth, MD, MS

Dr Jason Toth is board-certified in emergency medicine and he has completed graduate training in occupational and environmental health. Prior to attending medical school Dr. Toth was employed with the Environmental Protection Agency and Washington Occupational Health Associates, Inc. Inc as an environmental health scientist. Dr. Toth has served as Medical Director of the Burbank Occupational Health Center (formerly known as Providence Occupational & Urgent Care Center) since 1995 and he has held similar positions as Medical Director of various hospital affiliated urgent care clinics in Beverly Hills and San Pedro Maritime Harbor.

He has extensive consulting experiences in the reality television (Fear Factor, Wipe Out, and Dog Eat Dog) and entertainment media industry concerning pre-placement physical exam assessments of contestants, stunt personnel, and actors. In addition, Dr. Toth has provided on-screen medical consultation for the news media and reality TV, including most recently as an Emergency Medicine Consultant on the Manswers series.

Dr. Toth has been providing pre and post travel medicine consultations to globe trotters, trekkers and outdoor recreational enthusiasts for more than ten years and he has participated in tropical medicine experiences in the Amazon and East Africa in addition to serving as a volunteer physician with the Flying Samaritans serving rural residents of Baja California. He has served as Ship's Physician on nature expeditions to Antarctica, the Arctic Ocean Svalbard Archipelago, as well as tropical destinations in the Sea of Cortez.

Dr. Toth personally enjoys cross-training and participating in triathlon, half-marathon, and biking events. He is knowledgeable about the various risks and preventive health measures necessary to safely participate in mountain climbing, diving, cruise sailing and flying. Dr. Toth received his training in Preventative and Age Management Medicine with the Cenegenics Research Medical Institute. He is a member of the Age Management Medical Group and American Society of Sports Medicine. He currently divides his clinical practice between Occupational Health, Urgent Care, and Preventative Health Medicine.


drimg2Stanford C. Lee, MD, MSPH, FACEP

Dr. Stanford Lee completed his medical school training at the University of California Irvine and residency training at the University of Arizona. He is a Fellow of the American Board of Emergency Medicine and he has also completed graduate training in Public Health and Health Care Administration at the University of California, Los Angeles. Along with Dr. Jason Toth, Dr. Lee is a founding partner of Burbank Occupational Health Center and he serves as the Chief Financial Officer for BOHC.  Dr. Lee continues to divide his clinical practice between Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine and Emergency Medicine at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center. Dr. Lee has previously served as Emergency Department Operations Director where he has been instrumental in implementing and improving patient care and inter-departmental operational issues. Dr. Lee is committed to ensuring that BOHC continues to be the premier provider of comprehensive occupational health and urgent care services in the greater Burbank community.